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New features

First of all, a big thank you for re:AMP 🙂 I have been waiting for such an app since I got my first Mac Air in 2014. The general idea of Winamp was very simple, I mean the early releases many years ago. It was a little program, working well on any computer, opening files immediately, with the most important features like basic controls, playing time and playlist. In newer versions they made it bigger and increased the number of functions. I am just saying that at some point they just broke it. It was working slower, app needed a few seconds to open, most of us didn't use all of those functions.
re:AMP just reminds me the old good Winamp 🙂 Your re-edition is now almost perfect. There is no other app for Mac working that responsive and fast. This should be the main point of any music player. I usually use the quick drag-n-drop preview of tracks, it works amazing with both main and playlist window. I was using Pine player before and that app always needed a few seconds for buffering at the beginning of each track (not easy to go through if you have to check 100 or more tracks per day).
I only found 'O' (options menu), 'I' (file info) and 'V' (visualisation menu) buttons on the left not working yet (not sure if this is only in Mojave?). 'V' could open just a tab in the options menu for the visualisation.
I would be grateful if you could add a track scrolling by left and right arrows on the keyboard (I am not sure if this was 2 or 5 seconds in the original). Space button is already making a pause which is great.
Thank you for your amazing job, re:AMP can really speed up my work with tracks, and I will never use any other app. I can highly recommend it to everyone, as a good music player was always more or less missing in all Mac OS systems.
Thank you for *flac files support and the new icon, it is just beautiful 🙂 Is it going to replace the standard orange one in the future?
Best regards!